TALKABOUT OPEN – April 15, 2017

Chuck Wilt. UNA Projects. Photo by Stephen Texeira.
RoundAntennae Choreographic Mentorship 
Invites you to
An Afternoon with KT Nelson and Amara Tabor Smith open to ALL choreographers
Join KT Nelson and Amara Tabor Smith for an afternoon of choreographic show-and-tell at the ODC/Dance Commons.  There are five spots (two-35 minute spots & three-40 minute spots) open for choreographers to show 10-20 minutes worth of material, followed by feedback.
The open spots will be filled on a first come, first serve basis. With sign-up starting on MARCH 1, 2017.
Please email beginning on MARCH 1, 2017.  Please select one of the appropriate time spots (see below) and include:
Your name and/or company name
Length of Piece
Number of Dancers (if over 2 please select a spot after 4:05pm)
Any special technical requirements
A second choice for time selection
Anything else you would like us to know about you, your work or where you are in your artistic process.
RoundAntennae Choreographic Mentorship is sponsoring TALKABOUT.  All time and services of the mentorship are donated.  RoundAntennae asks for but does not demand a donation to go toward studio rental.
APRIL 15, 2017 Schedule

Studio LP – Solo or Duet only (35 minutes each)

Argyle – Duets or Larger (40 minutes each with 10 in between)

Hope to see you sign up on MARCH 1, 2017. Please send any questions to
 KT & Liz